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The team at Reno Renovation has over 100 years of combined experience handling cosmetic rehabilitation for homeowners and property managers in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Whether it’s a roof replacement, water damage repair, replacing electrical wiring and anything in between, we handle it all.

Reno Renovation understands that many times it is more financially feasible to buy a used home to repair instead of purchasing a brand new home.  Depending on the type of work that is necessary, a cosmetic rehab can take days or weeks to finalize. It is important to make informed decisions on the type of work you are requesting, the timeline you will designate and the amount of money you should budget for your Cosmetic Rehab.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Rehab Contractors

The repair company you choose should have the experience, knowledge and care that fits both your style and budget. Our team of experienced professionals works with you on establishing a set budget and timeline for your cosmetic rehab.

Prior to contacting a general contractor like Reno Renovation, make sure you have a general idea of what you need and try to narrow it down to specifics. For example, if you need your bathroom renovated let us know if the bathroom floor plan needs to change to be more specious. Perhaps you would like all of the colors in your kitchen to be neutral and you would also like to make sure that all grout matches and blends with the tiles. Not all jobs have to be so specific. Your Reno Renovation Project Coordinator will work with you on deciding the best plan for your rehab project but it facilitates the process when a client has a general idea in mind.

Once you have a project plan decided, the next step is to contact Reno Renovation for a free on-site estimate. You can text photos to (708) 337-0565 of the space you wish to rehab. Reno Renovation is able to provide a rough estimate for the cost of your project based on these photos. A Reno Renovation team member will have to visit the property and provide a free on-site estimate to finalize the price of the quote.

Once the quote of the project is approved a timeline needs to be set. Depending on how involved the project is, this can either be days or weeks. Agreeing on a timeline with your contractor is just as important as agreeing on a price.

Your cosmetic rehab contractor should include the cost of obtaining the proper permits from the home owner’s association, city and/or county the property is located in. Also, be sure to ask your contractor for their certificate of insurance for coverage.

Once the project is started make sure that you communicate frequently with your contractor. For more involved jobs this may require you to communicate daily. If so, make sure you request daily updates and progress reports. If convenient, visit the site and bring up any changes you would like as promptly as possible. If visiting the site is not possible make sure you request progress photos. Reno Renovation works closely with clients in addressing any needs. Communication is key and providing a quality end product entails constant contact.

Upon completion of the project it is imperative to do a final walk-through alongside your project coordinator and address any concerns promptly.

Choosing a Rehab Contractor that insures their Work Product

Reno Renovation offers competitive pricing and assures quality work. All of the work performed by Reno Renovation has 1-year guarantee. That is how confident we are that you will obtain a quality work product. We guarantee that all cosmetic rehab work we are contracted to perform is free of all defects in material and workmanship. Within that year, if any of the work we performed needs any repairs we will repair or replace free of charge. That is the Reno Renovation quality assurance.