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Eric Wehling, Owner

Eric is the owner of Reno Renovation. He began his career at a Real Estate Agency where he performed quality control inspection, home inspections and bids. Due to his quick wit and dedication he was quickly promoted to Field Manager. Under the role of Field Manager he handled over 500 properties.

Given his broad background in Real Estate, Eric saw the opportunity to create Reno Renovation. Within the first year of operation, the company went from handling 10 work orders per week to over 100 at times. Since the start of Reno Renovation, the company has exceeded 1 million in sales. All of this is thanks to the vision of Eric Wehling.

Eric enjoys watching UFC, attending live concerts and hanging out with his best friend, Reno the English Bulldog. During NFL season you can find both of them cheering on their favorite team, The Chicago Bears.