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Luis Perez

Luis Perez (Lou) is the Crew leader for Reno Renovation. As the Crew Leader Luis prioritizes projects, obtains required materials and leads the crew. Luis also participates in performing a wide variety of maintenance tasks which requires carpentry, plumbing, painting and electrical skills. Luis monitors work quality, ensures that the crew sticks to their schedules, makes sure the crew practices safe work procedures and provides performance feedback on crew members.

Lou is a native of Medellin, Colombia. Medellin is nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” due to it’s lovely temperatures that are almost always in the 70s or 80s. Lou married his beautiful wife, Mirna, in 2010 and have a step-son named Diego who is currently in college and aspires to be a Police Officer. Lou is a family-man and enjoys visiting his family in the South. His parents and brother live in Florida and his sister lives in Atlanta, GA.

When Lou is not visiting his family in Florida and Georgia, you can find him watching his favorite sports team, Atletico Nacional. Lou has a preference for cultural and worldly music and musters up the courage to sing karaoke with his family who can sometimes be a tough crowd. Lou also leads a very active lifestyle. He’s played on Baseball and Softball teams for over 10 years.

Lou attended College in Colombia in pursuit of a degree in Marketing shortly before coming to the US. Lou has been working in the general contracting and construction field since 1998. He worked as a crew member for a construction company for 12 years prior to transitioning into a project manager position. Lou held the project manager position for 10 years and held the position with upmost professionalism and respect for every job and workers. He has attended a plethora of safety meetings and is well apprised with OSHA standards.