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The property preservation team at Reno Renovation has experience keeping your home updated. Reno Renovation provides service throughout the Chicagoland area in 5 different counties throughout Illinois.

Lock Changes

Many homeowners and property owners decide to have the locks changed on their property after a break in, when signing on a new tenant, or when keys are lost. Replacing a lock is something that can typically be accomplished in under 30 minutes. The time that this takes depends on whether or not there is any existing damage, the type of locks that are used (there faster lock change time if replacing with the same model locks), and the experience of the locksmith. Changing locks is something that is fairly inexpensive and quickly done by an experienced locksmith. It may be worth paying a locksmith to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself.


The brutal Chicago weather can cause a lot of damage both inside and outside of your home. The cold weather can especially cause damage to a vacant property. The extreme cold temperature can cause pipes to freeze and burst leading to an expensive problematic situation for property owners. Properly preparing a home for winter entails turning off main water valves to the units, tying them shut, blowing out all of the water from the water lines with air, draining the hot water tank (making sure the pilot light is off), pouring antifreeze down all of the drains, sealing toilets with plastic covers and clear tape, making sure gas and electric is on at the property, setting the thermostat to 65 degrees, and making sure all windows and doors are secure with any noticeable drafts reported, among other things.

Lawn Maintenance

Reno Renovation provides regular lawn maintenance services to their customers. We provide weekly lawn care at affordable prices. Lawn maintenance services provided include hedge and shrub shaping, spring and fall clean-ups, gutter cleaning, paving, sod installation, power raking and more!

Conveyance Condition Management

According to the Housing and Urban Development Department, a property is considered in conveyance condition when it is undamaged by fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or boiler explosion. Properties are required to be in acceptable conveyance conditions prior to inspection for mortgage loans provided under HUD. This includes things like debris removal, lawn maintenance, and ensuring the property is free of hazardous material.

Hire a Qualified Property Preservation Company you can Trust

The team at Reno Renovation has over 100 years of combined experience handling property preservation needs in Illinois. We offer free on-site quotes and references are available upon request. Call us today to get your home improvement project started!