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E: info@reno2011.com


Reno is the Brand Ambassador for Reno Renovation. He is Chicago born and bred. Even though he is technically an English Bulldog there is nothing to get confused about here, Reno is 100% American.

Reno oversees all things branding and has been positively representing our company for years. He does so by interacting with people one paw shake at a time. Reno obtained his education at the Pet Smart Adult Dog Training School. As the face of our company he helps us establish regular customers and a loyal brand.

Reno loves children and enjoys spending his free time with his three best friends, Jaxon, Izabella and Zachie. He enjoys chasing squirrels, cuddling and staring aimlessly out of windows. When he is not in the company break room begging for leftovers you can find Reno laying in the waiting area expecting belly rubs.

Always well-groomed and ready to tackle any project, Reno is the perfect employee.