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Reno Renovation works alongside property owners and investors to get their rental property in tip-top shape. We understand that you only have a limited amount of time to make all necessary repairs to the property so that it is suitable for rent. Whether it is an apartment unit, home or commercial space that you intend to rent out, Reno Renovation has renovated similar spaces. We understand that rental turnovers can be stressful and are here to help put your mind at ease.

When picking the right contractor for a Rental Turn you must make sure that they are experienced and able to meet timelines. At Reno Renovation we work transparently and provide our clients with daily spreadsheets and photos upon request. Depending on the type of work needed on the rental turn, communication may be necessary daily or weekly.

We understand that every dollar you spend on your rental turn counts. During the time of bid/quote we itemize each detail and let you know exactly the type of work we are performing. For example, if you wish to perform work in the kitchen we will send an itemized bid accordingly. The bid will include things like, making sure that all outlets are working, making sure that all GFI outlets are working, install new kitchen faucet, clean cabinets inside out, clean oven and test to make sure it works, install new dishwasher, etc. Each line item will then have comments and pricing. The comments may include things like, the specific model number that will be used and exact store it will be bought from (if client specifies this). Being as detailed and as transparent as possible with our work is one thing that sets us apart from other Rental Turn contractors.

We understand that not all clients wish to be as involved and we are able to accommodate the needs of each property owner. We are willing to work as closely or as loosely with our clients pursuant to their requests.

Hiring the right contractor for your rental property is very important. The right contractor for the job is licensed, able to pull any permits necessary, has a good response time and is affordable. Any contractor can promise you a good job at an affordable price but the real test to this comes once the work is actually performed and you are able to judge for yourself. Furthermore, Reno Renovation believes that the most important time to judge the work of your contractor is weeks or months down the road when you are able to determine whether or not repairs or needed.

A rental turn repair or replacement may be performed but the real testament to the work performed comes when the tenant later needs something fixed on a job that a contractor fixed and should have lasted more than a year.

At Reno Renovation we are so confident in our work that we warranty all of our work for a standard 1 to 5 year(s) after the work is performed. If you have any issues with the work we performed within the warranty period, Reno Renovation will repair or replace the work product free of charge.

Call an experienced rental turn contractor today. Reno Renovation provides free detailed bids/quotes for work on rental properties. Hire someone with the certifications and experience necessary to fulfill the work on your rental property.